50th Anniversary of the Licensing Executives Society Annual Meeting (October 5-8, 2014)

50th Anniversary of the Licensing Executives Society Annual Meeting (October 5-8, 2014)

Join Soody Tronson as she moderates a panel on “How the Internet of Things is Doctoring a Change in Healthcare” at the 50th Anniversary of the Licensing Executives Society Annual Meeting.

October 5-8
San Francisco
Marriott Marquis

Who says that medical diagnostics is limited to hospitals and medical labs? IoT is making it possible to speed up diagnostics and increase medical specialist’s availability and productivity by several degrees. Learn how innovative business development, IP licensing, cross-industry partnerships & regulatory statutes in this space are shifting the marketplace followed by a lively discussion from the industry experts. Industry, regulatory, and licensing experts will examine and discuss:

• Introductory landscape of the space;
• The role of big data and its licensing in digital health;
• The impact of standards setting bodies on business development and licensing;
• Access to medical expertise, data, and licensing by start-ups. Is there help to bridge the gap;
• FDA Regulatory oversight and its impact on licensing and growth;
• Lessons learned from early entrants;
• High impact IP; and
• Top patent licensing trends for 2014 and beyond.

Soody Tronson, Founder, STLGip Law Firm

Dr. David Albert, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Alivecor
Mickey Brandis, Head of Legal, Ginger.io, Inc.
Sarah Kelley, Senior Director, Corporate Development, Kaiser Permanente
Andrew Malcolmson, Director, Integrated Patient Intelligence, Covidien
Brian Niznik, Sr. Director, Qualcomm
Bill Taylor, Director of Sales, Dolcera Corporation

The content of the discussions can be seen accessed here:

Video-First Part
Video-Second Part